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January 19th 2018.

Friday is food shopping morning. "early", before I go to open my Gallery-Shop.
Carol and our daughter Chloe were very kind and offered to do the supermarket shopping if I dropped them off at Morrison's. So 7:30am I dropped them off and drove round to one of my favorite places, "Burton Rigg" nature reserve. It was very cold, but I had a wonderful hour taking photographs until I had to pick them up from Morrison's.

First sight.

This is the scene I came across this morning as I looked across the largest of the lakes south eastwards. The sky was starting to become a deep red and the reflections in the water were amazing.

I wanted to get down to the water level so my line of sight was lower. This made the background trees screen the industrial unit just behind them, making it look more rural even though the nature reserve is in the middle of an Industrial Estate. I think I was a bit crazy at my age trying to negotiate a narrow rut of a track covered in a layer of frozen snow, down to the shoreline. Anyway, I made it without bending my tripod round my legs, and this was the view.

Before I go any further,  Please let me know if the photo's look different to my normal contributions. I am using "Adobe Lightroom" to process the "Raw" files, but I'm doing it on my laptop down at my Gallery-Shop and it's not the same as using my proper PC at home with 2 26 inch monitor's for viewing and correcting photo's on.

Anyway, after climbing carefully back up the bank, and before I called it a day, I took one last shot of the lightning sky as a hazy sun rose behind the trees. A large flock of geese arrived on the lake at sunrise, calling to each other as the day began to get lighter.

More soon.....Cliff.