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January 17th 2018

Well, This is something new for me. Like most things in will in all probability go
"pear shaped" 
Still...I will try to do my best and narrate my photographic experiences, pass on a little of my meagre knowledge and endeavour to spell correctly.

Please be gentle with me, that is all I ask.

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January 1st 2018.
The new year did not start good for me as I was ill with a chest infection all over Christmas. But, I was determined to get some shots of the New Year dawn. So, ignoring the hacking cough I still had , and sucking cough sweets by the packet full (I now have shares in "Fisherman's Friends"), I drove down to Scalby Mills at the northern end of Scarborough's North bay. I went there because in mid winter, it is about the only place on the North Bay where the sun rises clear of the Castle Headland and you see it rise over the sea. 

When I first arrived, It was very dark...that is the trouble with me, wherever I go, i'm always early.

Here is a shot of dawn breaking. New Years morning 2018.

Friday January 5th 2018.
I had not been out with my camera since New Years day. Early mornings work for me because I have the time to get out with my camera and I like the challenge of daybreak photography.

So Friday comes around and I want to go out with my camera, but, we needed to go shopping and that had to be early as well because I needed to be down at my shop for 10am...Hmm...

A compromise was found, I would drop Carol off at Morrison's at 8am and then whip round the corner to "Burton Rigg" nature reserve. A selection of lakes that were originally gravel pits years ago...I love it there when the sun rises. 

So here we have a shot of early daylight brightening up the horizon as I stood on a very frosty grass bank...Yes, it was cold too.

Saturday January 6th 2018.

Finally a morning where I could get out and go as early as I wanted. I had no commitments until I opened my shop at 10am. I originally went down on the Spa but the sea was wild. I had my dog "Kobe" with me and the crash of the waves and the loud thud as the water hit the Spa wall was frightening him. So we got back into the car and went up to the castle headland. After a nice hour rambling around in the dark (Kobe loved it) we ended up in St Mary's church yard as the storm clouds were dissipating at sunrise. So all in all, a wonderful early morning photo shoot. 

That's it for now, I hope I have not bored any one. I will slowly get up to date with my narrative and also I may go back in time and re-live some of my past photographic adventures. 

Bye for now.... Cliff.